All-In-One HSP Boosting Multi-Action Barrier Serum


The Difference of
HSP Technology

✓ Advanced Multi-Action Barrier Serum developed from the principles of laser treatment.
✓ Stimulates HSP, boosts collagen, and strengthens skin barrier.

Commonly used in dermatology, laser treatment is the fastest and the most reliable solution to restore the skin's natural regenerative strength.

HSP Boosting Formula

✓ A nature-derived proprietary formula developed by dermatologist, Dr. Yoon.
✓ Protects proteins inside cells by mixing natural ingredients that activate HSP in an optimal ratio.

Weightless Texture

✓ Translucent, watery, concentrated formula
✓ Quick absorption without stickiness
✓ Leaves skin moisturized and glowing

Patented Delivery Method

The patented formula of high purity ingredients that activate HSP is combined with our proprietary capsule method.

✓ Encapsulated ingredients are absorbed faster.
✓ It stays on the skin longer, improves skin texture, and has a more visible effect.

Our Value, Our Truth

✓ Clean Beauty Ingredients
✓ Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging
✓ Cruelty Free

Dr. Base believes in ethical philosophy that respects all life as much as we care for the skin. We strive for good and healthy consumption and Greensumers who pursue a healthy lifestyle.