Our Story

Accurate and Precise Skin
Solutions by a Dermatologist

What are your expectations for your skincare products and are those expectations realistically being met? Dr. Base started from a question of whether at-home skincare could not only maintain the current condition of your skin but also have a beneficial effect on it. We only develop products that have been proven effective through scientific evidence and clinical and medical experimentation. That is why Dr. Base's products always guarantee a noticeable improvement after use.

We Formulate Differently

All of our products are EWG Verified, meaning it's free from EWG's chemicals of concern and meets their strictest standards for your health and safety. But are all EWG Verified products equally effective? What matters is purity. The disparity in purity makes all the difference in efficacy. We only use the purest raw materials that meet EWG standards to demonstrate the remarkable difference in efficacy.

We Keep It Real

Do you carefully examine the ingredients in your skincare products? Skincare experts and doctors studied and researched for a long time and ambitiously developed Dr. Base. All of our formulas are a result of scientific and medical expertise. Dr. Base is safe to use because the doctors who formulated it deeply understand the function of skincare ingredients and the principles of the skin system, and applied those principles to create Dr. Base.